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Project: Cobra Antenna Diversity System
Client: EM Solutions

EM Solutions first visited B&R’s head office and main manufacturing facilities during an AIDN Event hosted by B&R. During this event B&R was able to showcase our extensive manufacturing knowledge along with our capabilities for the Defence industry.

As part of the SEA 1180 program B&R was chosen to provide the 19” cabinets for the on-board communication system equipment. This is when EM Solutions first collaborated with B&R Enclosures.

From here, engineers from B&R and EM Solutions visited each other’s premises to learn more and understand how we could support, collaborate and innovate together to deliver premier engineered solutions and broaden our sovereign Defence industry capability.

EM Solutions delivered on SEA 1180 using the B&R 19” marine cabinet and acknowledged the success of the burgeoning strategic relationship.

The relationship has continued to grow with EM Solutions ordering the 19” marine cabinets from B&R to provide a turn-key solution for their Cobra SOTM system as part of both sovereign and export programs.

The Cobra has multiple band resiliency in a single package and can cover both commercial and military Ka-bands, as well as X-band simultaneously.

B&R will continue to work with EM Solutions to grow Australia’s Defence industry capabilities.

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